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ZTrap Videos

How To Set Your Ztrap - Dec 2
Ztraps ProStaff completes this instructional video to show trappers, homeowners, farmers and ranchers the proper way to set the Trap with your hands, the trap setter, the Zcap and utilizing Zbait to most effectively trap raccoons.
ZTRAPS - New driver/ quick connect demo
See how quickly and easily you can set the new anchor system for the Ztrap. Demonstration includes setting the anchor in sand or dirt.
New Stabilizer Stake System!!
Ztraps New, patented Stabilizer Stake allows you to predrill a hole in concrete, steel, or wood, for stabilizer stake to fit into. The Stabilizer Stake makes it easier to put Ztraps where the coon are like in rocks, near waterways, inside concrete or steel culverts, and in bridge pilings. Ztraps Stabilizer Stake also makes it easier to stake in frozen ground and still allows coon to pull the trap out of the ground.
How ZCaps work
Demonstration on how to use the ZCap on your Ztraps.
Ways to set Ztraps
Having trouble setting your Ztraps? Here is a video showing different ways to set Ztraps.
Coon and Zcap
New Zcaps help keep bait dry and unwanted animals out.
Ztrap Zcaps
Watch as the racoon smells the bait and removes Zcap from trap in no time at all.